Success Stories

LWB Education Prpogram Success StoryBig Strides for Brandon

Brandon is two years old and is in the toddler class at our Believe in Me orphanage school in Huainan. He is quite little for his age, but our teachers can already tell that he is a hard worker.  Although he looks so small, he does go to school by himself!

After coming into the classroom he can put his shoes on the shoe rack by himself.  He has progressed so much and now can follow the teacher’s instructions and bring objects to her when she asks.

Brandon has also greatly improved in his motor skills. Several months ago when he was placed on the yoga ball (which is much bigger than him!), he would fall down off of it. Now, with the teacher holding the ball, he can balance on it while his feet are off the ground!LWB Education Prpogram Success Story

When the teacher is cleaning up, Brandon will begin to help put the trash in the trash can without being asked. He is very observant and considerate.

LWB Education Program Success Story

We think that Brandon is making big strides...for such a little guy!