Success Stories

LWB Education Program April 2015Beautiful Margaret entered our Huainan Believe In Me School in 2007 at the age of six. At that time, she was introverted and unwilling to participate much in school. She had difficulty concentrating and knew very little of basic math or reading skills. She also did not communicate well with her teachers or classmates.

The change in Margaret throughout her years at Huainan BIM School has been amazing. She has transformed into a lovely young lady whom the younger children really look up to.

Margaret is now an enthusiastic participant in class. Each day, she diligently completes her tasks. She is the oldest in the class and takes that role very seriously. She helps out with the younger children and plays with them to keep them busy. Margaret also enjoys reading to the younger children in a very animated way which they enjoy immensely! She does very well in projects with her hands and works very quickly and efficiently.

LWB Education Program April 2015

Margaret has also mastered reading and writing the numbers 1 to 100. She knows her colors, shapes and how to tell time as well as adding and subtracting her numbers. Margaret loves gymnastics and dancing to music.

This amazing transformation is all because of the generosity of the support that LWB receives from sponsors like you. Thank you for all you do to change lives like Margaret’s every day!