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Liuipanshui School Nutrition Program: Ying

Liuipanshui School Nutrition Program: Ying

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Liuipanshui School Nutrition Program: Ying
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A secondary part of the educational process for these children is their need for nutrition. Are the students properly nourished to participate in learning? These children’s bodies jointly need nourishment and enrichment. The Liupanshui School Nutrition Project is being established in conjunction with the educational commitment to help children have a “brighter future.”  Ying and other children in the school with her will reach new levels and plateaus of educational skills with your support through the Liupanshui school nutrition program.

Their climb toward success will be enhanced with proper nutrition through daily intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, yogurt and dried foods such as dried fruit, seaweed and fish. As sponsors you can change their lives and help them see educational success through nutrition and enrichment.