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Liupanshui Believe in Me School Nutrition

Liupanshui Believe in Me School Nutrition


While our precious students in Liupanshui are receiving stimulation and education, we desperately want to now be able to help them with their nutrition as well through our school nutrition programs!  We have seen remarkable success in our school nutrition programs in Jinjiang and Huainan - those children now receive healthy and nutrient filled "snacks" such as seaweed, eggs, yogurt, milk, and dried fruit every day at school.


Won't you consider making a donation toward changing these children's lives and helping them receive nutrition while filling their hungry tummies.  This donation will go toward the 2013 calendar year's nutrition program in our Liupanshui Believe in Me school.  We need your help to get this program up and running!

Need Details

Need: Liupanshui Believe in Me School Nutrition
Amount needed: $5,000.00
0% of Goal Raised