Anhui: Pan Pan
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About Anhui: Pan Pan

Pan Pan is an amazing young lady who is a high school student in our Anhui Impoverished Student Support Program.  She is in the 12th grade and describes herself as being confident, decisive and determined.  She is number 20 in her class and she recently won second place in a Mandarin knowledge contest and third place in composition.  Her favorite subjects are political science and history.  

Pan Pan lives with her mother and grandparents.  Her father left when she was six months old.  Her mom works to support the family, but she isn’t in good health and she doesn’t go to the hospital often because she wants to save money.  During the holidays, Pan Pan knows it is her responsibility to help her mom and grandparents.

Pan Pan cherishes and is grateful for any help she receives.  She says it gives her hope for her future path.  Pan Pan says she wants to learn and can be counted on. Sponsors will receive quarterly photographs and updates on this beautiful young lady’s progress.  Please consider sponsoring Pan Pan; you will not only be making a difference in her life but also in her family.  Thank you!