Secondary and Higher Education

Secondary & Higher EducationAnhui, Fujian, Guangdong, & Hunan Provinces

Orphaned and impoverished children in China face many obstacles, including the ability to receive an adequate education. The goal of LWB’s Secondary and Higher Education Program is to help orphaned and impoverished students overcome these barriers by providing personal support that empowers them to improve their own lives and then ultimately their communities. Students in Anhui, Fujian, Guangdong, and Hunan Provinces are part of this important project. All the students have life situations which prevent them from getting a high school or university education.

LWB has a local manager in each province, who personally visits with each student in the program. Donors will receive quarterly reports on their sponsored child, with photos and updates on the child’s progress. Donors are able to write encouraging letters to their sponsored students. 

Life Skills and Community Bridging Project

LWB's Secondary and Higher Education Program is beginning a new Life Skills and Community Bridging project. It is our objective to help older children to learn basic life skills and how to become an integral part of their communities. Some topics covered will be communication skills, social skills and manners, work ethic, basic sex education, etc. If you have a special desire to help these older children and would like to partner with us to watch them grow and succeed in life, please consider making a donation for this very important project.