First Day of the 2011 PT Camp

Posted by Michelle Murphy on 07/11/2011

We arrived at the Zhongshan SWI today to begin the PT Training Program for 20 staff members in 6 orphanages in Guizhou Province.  The morning began by providing attendees with an overview of cerebral palsy.  Caring for children born with CP can be quite a challenge given that every child born with CP is different.  We moved right away to demonstrating positioning and exercise techniques while evaluating 8 children from Zhongshan and Liuzhi SWIs.  We were so moved to hear the concerns of the directors and staff who sincerely want the children in their care to have a better life.  It was obvious to us that the children are very loved and have strong positive relationships with their caregivers.  We also answered many questions about helping children with spina bifada.  Here is a sweet girl who had traveled from Liuzhi who stayed in the training room the entire day with her caregiver. Even though this supportive chair was a little too big for her, she sat in it contently for a most of the afternoon.  The director of her orphanage asked if we could help them get her a similar chair that would fit her well.  I hope we can  find the funds to arrange that. 

This little boy was first seen during a March visit to Guizhou by several LWB team members.  He also has spina bifada but he is now walking everywhere! 

child from Liuzhi

Tomorrow we have another day to evaluate and develop treatment plans for 8 more children from Zhongshan SWI.  We have a positive impression that with just a little more intervention many of the children we saw today can make good improvements.  A huge thank you to our wonderful team member in China, Alexa, who ordered PT equipment and had it shipped to Zhongshan ahead of our arrival.  Julianne stayed busy all afternoon assembling the floor mats and toys and arranging them in the new therapy and play rooms.  We will have some great photos of those rooms for tomorrow's blog, but for now enjoy this photo from this wonderful city of Liupanshui.


Michelle Murphy