Goals and Results

One of the essential foundations of Love Without Boundaries is providing programs to children which produce REAL results. We continually evaluate our projects and make changes when needed to provide the best care possible to children in need. A central goal of all of our programs is to enable as many children as possible to find families through adoption. Below is an overview of LWB's programs.

See our most recent Annual Report for more specifics on all of our programs. 

Goals and Results - CompassionHealing Homes

Our healing homes program's four main objectives are:

  • Decreasing the mortality rate of orphaned infants born with medical needs
  • Decreasing the length of time for an orphaned child to be ready for surgery
  • Increasing the number of babies with medical needs whose paperwork is prepared for adoption
  • Decreasing the stigma surrounding children born with medical needs

LWB has the capacity to meet all four of these objectives thanks in large part to our wonderful infrastructure of staff, hospitals, doctors, and foster care parents in China. Each healing home is run by a full time manager who is in daily contact with our overseas volunteers. LWB has signed contracts with both local hospitals and physicians to provide timely and expert care to the children in our homes. Children are brought to our healing homes at the earliest possible opportunity, so they are able to gain the weight and strength needed to have a safe, successful surgery at the earliest possible time. Once a child has had corrective surgery and is in good health, orphanages are much more confident that an adoptive family can be found and often will begin preparing adoption paperwork.  Through our healing homes, we have shown the surrounding communities that these children are beautiful kids who are not to be feared, shunned, or ignored. People visiting and working in the homes are able to see these children for the normal children they are. Through public outreach and by placing children in local foster care, we are spreading the message to others that all children deserve to be loved and embraced.

Funding for our homes comes primarily though individual donors who are assigned to a specific child in the home, or who donate funds to be used wherever needed. Donations come in lump sums or in monthly installments. Annual and special fundraising events raise money to help with additional medical expenses. We provide monthly updates to each donor and/or sponsor, outlining the progress of their child, plus an additional monthly updates on the home in general. When a child leaves for surgery, additional updates are sent to sponsors, explaining details of the procedure and recovery until the child is able to return to the home. Post-surgery updates continue quarterly even after the child leaves our home, up to the one year post surgery milestone. Our updates provide photos, physical and developmental milestones, and the observations of our monitors, medical staff, and volunteers. Our volunteer staff is available to field any questions that sponsors may have about the health and well-being of their sponsored child.

Goals and Results - AchievementEducation

LWB's Education Program's “Believe in Me” in-orphanage schools were set up to serve children with medical needs who cannot attend public school. The main objectives of these schools are:

  • Providing children with special needs the opportunity to learn
  • Encouraging orphanages to file adoption paperwork on as many children as possible

LWB is able to provide essential school services to these children by renovating classrooms, hiring full-time teachers, and providing them with Montessori-inspired training and materials.  All children who enter the schools are initially evaluated for classroom placement and then are evaluated on a regular basis for progress. On-site managers are hired for every school to ensure accountability and progress of the program.

In each of our Believe in Me schools, children who were severely institutionalized are now experiencing the joy of learning. Many children were non-verbal, diagnosed with mental retardation, and classified as “unadoptable” when our school projects first began. After being in a classroom setting, with teachers who invest themselves into the children’s lives, we have seen amazing results. Many children are now classified as “healthy” children and have gone on to find permanent homes through adoption. Our Believe in Me school sponsors receive quarterly updates with photos of the children they sponsor.

Goals and Results - HealingMedical

LWB’s Medical Program has the primary goal of providing excellent medical and surgical care to every child who comes into our hands. To achieve this goal, we have identified the leading surgeons and physicians for each medical need in China. LWB negotiates contracts with top hospitals, such as the Children’s Hospital of Fudan University in Shanghai, the First Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University in Fuzhou, and Anhui Children’s Hospital in Hefei. We also help facilitate continuing medical training by being the liaison for medical exchange trips, both to and from China. Additionally we have physician advisors in the United States who consult with us on complex cases.

Over the years LWB has built one of the most effective medical programs in China. We employ local medical managers in each city where we have a hospital contract and only use hospitals that we know provide quality care to orphaned children. At all times the well being of the children comes first. All appropriate pre-surgery tests are done for each individual case, such as heart echoes, catheterization, CT scans, MRI, and blood tests, in order to make an informed evaluation of a child’s need. We develop solid pre- and post-operative care plans for each child, and we monitor each child throughout the healing process and for at least one year after discharge.

We rely on the generosity and compassion of individual donors to fully fund the surgeries and medical care the children in our program need. Once a child is fully funded, we are able to arrange the child’s care. In cases of emergencies, we have a designated fund set up to use specifically for children who simply cannot wait until their care is fully funded. In these cases we arrange the necessary care and then fundraise to replenish this emergency fund. Donors receive reports and photos on the children they help sponsor for medical care at one, three, six, and 12 month intervals post surgery. When a child arrives at the hospital for surgery, additional updates are sent to sponsors, explaining details of the procedure and recovery. Our volunteer staff is available to field any questions that sponsors may have about the health and well-being of their sponsored child.

Goals and Results - HopeFoster Care

LWB truly believes that every child deserves a family of his or her own. Our foster care program's goals are:

  • Transitioning children from an institutional setting into good quality, loving family environments
  • Promoting the attachment cycle
  • Decreasing post-institutional delays
  • Encouraging community acceptance of children with special needs
  • Increasing the number of children whose adoption paperwork is filed

To enable us to achieve our goals, we work collaboratively with social welfare institutions and have signed contracts with each orphanage for the areas where we have foster care programs. LWB staff work closely with orphanages to find qualified local foster families for each child. We have local LWB managers in each city, who visit the children every month to check on progress, support families, and offer advice. Our managers work closely with the orphanages regarding both the paperwork and the welfare of each and every child in our program. Monthly updates and photos are provided to sponsors.

We are overjoyed to see many of children we serve adopted each year. We often receive letters from adoptive parents telling us how wonderfully well adjusted the children from our foster care programs are.

To enable us to keep the children in foster care, we rely on a wonderful loyal donor base.  As costs have risen sharply in China, we are pleased to say that our donor levels and income have also risen to enable us to increase our funding for our foster care program. Supporters to this program receive monthly photos and updates on the children in our care.

Goals and Results - ContentmentNutrition and Special Projects

The main goal of LWB's Nutrition and Special Projects Program is to assist orphanages throughout China in meeting their children’s basic needs. These include both nutritional needs, by providing high quality formula and rice cereal, and essential material items, such as safe cribs, coats, clothing, diapers, etc.

LWB's China staff members work with orphanages to identify their most critical needs. Our program volunteers work closely with our China staff to ensure their donations are utilized as intended. For one-time projects, such as new cribs or coats, reports are sent to sponsors upon completion of the project. Our nutrition program sponsors receive quarterly updates with photos. We have seen increased health, better skin and hair conditions, fewer infections, and happier children as a result of nutritional support provided.

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