LWB Heroes for Hope and Healing

Gracie has a little brother and a sister who were adopted from China. She knows firsthand how poor nutrition can affect a child and wanted to help provide nourishment for children in LWB's Healing Homes. For Lent, Gracie raised more than $5,000!!! Gracie's efforts made a big difference in the lives of many children!


LWB Heroes for Hope and Healing

When Jasmine was adopted by her forever family, she was able to hand out clothes to the children at her orphanage from donations brought by her family. After arriving back home, Jasmine was very happy to learn that LWB had set up a school nutrition program for the children attending LWB's Believe in Me school at her former orphanage. Jasmine was very excited about the thought of helping her friends and raised over $3,000 to provide nutritious and delicious school-time snacks for her many friends.


Heroes for Hope and Healing

Thank you to Lindsey for requesting donations to Love Without Boundaries for her birthday. Lindsey raised $375 for LWB Nutrition and Special Project Program's vitamin project, to help meet the nutritional needs of orphaned children. Thanks so much, Lindsey!

I CARE Cupcakes

LWB Heroes for Hope and Healing

When Kristabel and Andrea first heard about LWB through friends, they wanted to know more. Once they watched the videos on LWB's YouTube channel, they knew they wanted to help make a difference for children in need. Along with their parents, they created I CARE Cupcakes to raise funds for children in LWB's Medical Program. $1 from every cupcake sold is donated to help children receive life-saving surgery. Read more


LWB Heroes for Hope and Healing

Eight-year-old Karli was adopted from Guizhou Province and wanted to help with LWB's Coats for Kids project to provide warm winter coats for all the children in an impoverished Guizhou village. Karli made a donation from her own money and then started a coat drive to request donations for 105 coats. A family friend made a donation for 25 coats and said she would match any coat donations received until Karli reached her goal. We are grateful and happy to report that Karli has exceeded her goal!  Donations inspired by this amazing young girl will keep many children warm in their new coats.

Katie Rapp

LWB Heroes for Hope and Healing

Katie and her family have planned several fundraisers to support the children of LWB. Katie and her mom have made embroidered cloth napkins and also continually outreach to others in their schools and community. The have also coordinated a one day after school Chinese Cultural Camp, Fortune Cookie wishes, and a partnership with a local Chinese restaurant. We are so grateful for their efforts to not only raise funds to support the children, but also raise awareness wherever they can.


LWB Heroes for Hope and Healing

LWB is grateful to partner with KidStuff, a kid-powered philanthropy organization that works to make a little difference, to support young children at LWB's Believe in Me Huainan School.