Business Partners

Baby Loves Milk

LWB Heroes for Hope and HealingBaby Loves Milk encouragement cards were created to support moms by showing them that both breast and bottle feeding is sweet, and loving, and intimate, and ultimately beautiful. $1 from each sale will be donated to LWB's Nutrition Program to help babies receive the nutrient rich formula they need to grow big and strong! Visit the Baby Loves Milk Etsy Store!

Just Avery
LWB Heroes for Hope and HealingAvery, who, along with her sister, was adopted from China, wanted to find a way to help children in China. After discovering LWB, she knew where she wanted to help. Avery and her mother have dedicated 100% of the Etsy sales of their "Red-Thread Bracelet" to LWB. Avery's mother says, "I wore a red thread of some sort until everyone of my children made it home. I continue to do so as a prayer that all children will find a forever family." Visit the Just Avery Etsy Store.

KMT Quilts

LWB Heroes for Hope and HealingOne of LWB's dedicated volunteers lovingly sews these beautiful, handmade quilts. Proceeds from the sale of these quilts be donated to LWB. Visit the KMT Quilts Etsy Store regularly for new additions!


Heroes for Hope and HealingLivingMyDream is a company dedicated to helping make dreams come true by creating products based on the principles of creative visualization and giving back to perpetuate the #dreamcycle. LivingMyDream has partnered with LWB to support children in need through proceeds from its Vision Charm Jewelry.

Starfish Designs
LWB Heroes for Hope and HealingAmy and her husband have four beautiful children. One of their daughters was loved and cared for in LWB's Heartbridge Healing Home; so after Amy started her jewelry business, she knew she wanted to give back.A portion of each sale goes towards the sponsorship of a child in LWB's programs. To learn more about Starfish Designs, visit their Facebook page.