Heroes for Hope and Healing Fundraising Events

LWB Heroes for Hope and HealingWe would love to include your fundraising event below. Contact us if you have a fundraising event to benefit LWB that you would like to share.

Sophie's Project

Sophie's Project

Sophie's Project was begun by Sophie Johnson after a tremendous outpouring of support for her "Save a Sister" campaign to help an older girl on LWB's 2014 Cleft Exchange trip. This ongoing project will highlight children in need periodically and invite friends and supporters worldwide to join together to make a difference. Read more

Maple West PTA Children to Children Giving Project

Children to Children Giving Project

Megan & Shanna Groat know how wonderful it is to find a family, and their family knows how wonderful it is to have found them. These sisters want to give back to the children who remain in China without the gift of family. All funds raised will be donated towards an Adoption Assistance Grant for Quinn, a boy from our Shantou foster care program!

This fundraiser is being organized as the school's annual PTA Children to Children Giving Project and is supported by the girls' school, Maple West Elementary School. Read more here.

Brooks-Smith Sarsen Trail Fundraiser

LWB Fundraising

Gillian Brooks-Smith and her two eldest sons, Ben and Will, will be walking the Sarsen Trail, a 26 mile trek from Avebury to Stonehenge, on Sunday, May 3rd. Their walk will take them through the Vale of Pewsey, the Avon Valley, and then across the beautiful ancient landscape of Salisbury Plain between Avebury and Stonehenge. They are gratefully accepting donations in any amount to help them reach their fundraising goal of $250 to help children needing cleft surgeries. Read more here.

Cleft Bottle Fundraiser

Cleft Bottle Fundraiser

Laura Oldfield has set up a fundraiser at YouCaring.com with the goal of raising $500 to purchase cleft bottles through LWB's Cleft Initiative. These bottles, which cost only $2 each, make it easier for babies to drink enough milk to not only survive but thrive. They help these babies gain the weight necessary to receive life-changing cleft surgery. Your donation of $20 = 10 bottles = 10 changed lives. Read more or donate here.

Andrew's Birthday

Heroes for Hope and Healing

For Andrew’s 9th birthday, he told his mom that he wanted to help other children. In lieu of gifts, he asked for donations to help Jack, another nine-year-old boy, living in an orphanage in China, to attend LWB's Believe in Me Lanzhou School. A special thank you to Andrew and other children who have a big heart to help children in need.





Mothers' Love Crosses Oceans for LWB Unity Fund

Love Crosses Oceans Fundraiser

Tricia Rhodes held a special Mother's Day fundraiser to raise funds for LWB's Unity Initiative. Mothers' Love Crosses Oceans shirts were sold, and $1,505 was raised to help children from impoverished families.





Chlebek Family Unity Fund Matching Donation

LWB Heroes for Hope and Healing


The Chlebek Family Unity Fund Matching Donation Fundraiser raised funds so that children from impoverished families can receive essential medical care. More than $2,600 was raised to help children through LWB's Unity Initiative. What a life-changing gift this is for children and and their families!


Forget the Frock

LWB Heroes for Hope and Healing

The Ryan and Amy Abell Family hosted a Forget the Frock event to encourage others to wear something that really matters for Easter this year. Rather than buying new dresses or suits for Easter, supporters purchased a "Change Starts With One" t-shirt. More than $4,000 was raised to sponsor children in LWB's Education, Foster Care, and Healing Programs!