Heroes for Hope and Healing Fundraising Events

LWB Heroes for Hope and HealingWe would love to include your fundraising event below. Contact us if you have a fundraising event to benefit LWB that you would like to share.

Andrew's Birthday

Heroes for Hope and HealingFor Andrew’s 9th birthday, he told his mom that he wanted to help other children. In lieu of gifts, he is asking for donations to help Jack, another nine-year-old boy, who is currently living in an orphanage in China, to attend LWB's Believe in Me Lanzhou School. Jack has a hearing impairment and is a smart boy with a mischievous streak. He and his best friend are reported to be a rambunctious duo.

Andrew chose to help a child from China because he is also from China and was once orphaned as well. He joined his own forever family shortly before his 5th birthday. Andrew loves to ride bike, play soccer, and spend time traveling with his mother, father, brother, and two sisters.

Mothers' Love Crosses Oceans for LWB Unity Fund

Love Crosses Oceans FundraiserTricia Rhodes is holding a special Mother's Day fundraiser to raise funds for LWB Medical Program's Unity Fund. Donations can be made here. Additionally $5 per shirt will be donated for Love Crosses Oceans shirt purchases.

The Love Crosses Oceans fundraiser has raised $1,505!



Chlebek Family Unity Fund Matching Donation

LWB Heroes for Hope and Healing
More than $2,600 was raised from the Chlebek Family fundraiser to help children through LWB Medical Program's Unity Fund!

The Chlebek Family Unity Fund Matching Donation Fundraiser raised funds so that children from impoverished families can receive essential medical care. What a life-changing gift this is for children and and their families!

Forget the Frock

LWB Heroes for Hope and HealingUpdate: More than $4,000 was raised in the Abell Family's fundraiser to sponsor children in LWB's Education, Foster Care, Healing Homes, and Medical Programs!

The Ryan and Amy Abell Family hosted a Forget the Frock event to encourage others to wear something that really matters for Easter this year. Rather than buying new dresses or suits for Easter, you can buy a "Change Starts With One" t-shirt. For every t-shirt purchased, you can cast a vote for the organization you would like to receive the proceeds. Your vote for Love Without Boundaries will be greatly appreciated. To purchase a shirt, see My Passionate Balance.